Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where has all the ore gone?

Blizzard has already tossed out the nerfs.  Last night I was going out to farm my normal route I follow for more elementium when I noticed something really strange.  There was not any ore.  Now, when I say there was not any I mean there was zero, zip, nada.  It was all GONE.  So, I began to look into this and it turns out I found this:

  • Fishing skill gains were increasing too rapidly past 500 skill and have been adjusted.
  • The tradeskill nodes were too dense in Deepholm and Twilight Highlands for Mining and Herbalism. Several have been removed.
  • Mining nodes were too dense in the entrance cave to Uldaman and have been thinned out.
  • Players are no longer able to use a Lifegiving Seed while shapeshifted and receive the appropriate error message when attempting to do so. Additionally, the effect is canceled when entering combat.
  • Enchant Weapon - Mending no longer gives haste when it procs on attacks or spells. Now, it just gives the proper heal.
  • Creating a Runescroll of Fortitude II now correctly grants skill-ups.

This was under a list of Hotfixes for Cataclysm on December 8th.  I found this information at:

After running the same route I followed in my old post I was able to net a grand total of 3 Elementium Ore, and that is it.  I understand Blizzard wanted to decrease the number of nodes, because there was an extremely large amount.  However, I feel that this might not have been intended for it to be this bad.  If this was intended the days of farming over 100 ore a run may be gone.

Start checking your Auction House to see if you can tell the difference in the lack of ore.  If your AH is like mine then it is currently flooded with elementium.  I'm going to keep checking it often to see if I can pick some up for cheap because most likely people will still be dumping their ore.  I'm going to hold onto mine right now and not put any more up to wait and see if Blizzard fixes this.  If they do not, once all the ore is bought up, you will be able to set the new price because you didn't dump it all on the AH like everybody else.

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