Monday, December 13, 2010

Vendor Items That Sell Well in Cataclysm

Short post today.  Just wanted to mention a couple of vendor items I have been buying and then flipping on the Auction House since Cataclysm's release.

1 Jeweler's Setting-  This can be bought from any Jewelcrafting Supplies NPC for 1g 50s each.  They are needed in making two of the main pieces while leveling to 525.  I have been able to sell these for 15g per through the Auction House.

2. Vanishing Powder-  This can be bought from any Inscription Supplies NPC for 34s for five of them.  They are used in changing out your glyphs before level 81.  I am able to sell these for 1g and 50s per powder.

3. Dust of Disappearance- This also is bought from any Inscription Supplies NPC for 10g 50s each.  They are the level 81 and up version of the Vanishing Powder.  I list these for 14g per.

These are just a few vendor items you can try out.  What other vendor items have you been selling?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where has all the ore gone?

Blizzard has already tossed out the nerfs.  Last night I was going out to farm my normal route I follow for more elementium when I noticed something really strange.  There was not any ore.  Now, when I say there was not any I mean there was zero, zip, nada.  It was all GONE.  So, I began to look into this and it turns out I found this:

  • Fishing skill gains were increasing too rapidly past 500 skill and have been adjusted.
  • The tradeskill nodes were too dense in Deepholm and Twilight Highlands for Mining and Herbalism. Several have been removed.
  • Mining nodes were too dense in the entrance cave to Uldaman and have been thinned out.
  • Players are no longer able to use a Lifegiving Seed while shapeshifted and receive the appropriate error message when attempting to do so. Additionally, the effect is canceled when entering combat.
  • Enchant Weapon - Mending no longer gives haste when it procs on attacks or spells. Now, it just gives the proper heal.
  • Creating a Runescroll of Fortitude II now correctly grants skill-ups.

This was under a list of Hotfixes for Cataclysm on December 8th.  I found this information at:

After running the same route I followed in my old post I was able to net a grand total of 3 Elementium Ore, and that is it.  I understand Blizzard wanted to decrease the number of nodes, because there was an extremely large amount.  However, I feel that this might not have been intended for it to be this bad.  If this was intended the days of farming over 100 ore a run may be gone.

Start checking your Auction House to see if you can tell the difference in the lack of ore.  If your AH is like mine then it is currently flooded with elementium.  I'm going to keep checking it often to see if I can pick some up for cheap because most likely people will still be dumping their ore.  I'm going to hold onto mine right now and not put any more up to wait and see if Blizzard fixes this.  If they do not, once all the ore is bought up, you will be able to set the new price because you didn't dump it all on the AH like everybody else.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taking Advantage of Twilight Highlands

Most players are still around level 82, therefore, they are not currently flooding into Twilight Highlands.  This zone is absolutely full of mats.  There is still time for you to take advantage of free nodes.  If you haven't yet, take a break from leveling and go level your mining.  I've been farming there still this morning collecting Elementium Ore and Pyrite Ore.  I wanted to show the route that I fly in Twilight that helped me get my realm first.

I will go into details because as you can see I am not the best at using Paint.  You want to start by flying into Dragonmaw Pass, by flying in the middle you will be able to see nodes on both sides of the canyon.  After you exit Dragonmaw you want to fly along the northern wall closest to Grim Batol.  Once reaching the end of the zone turn around and fly down the southern wall.  This area has been consistently the best spot for me.  It is full of nodes because of the fast respawn rate.  After you fly along the southern wall of Grim, you move on to the waterfall beside Victor's Point.  You will then proceed to fly along the north side of the river until you get to the walls of Dragonmaw Port.  Cut across the river and fly along the south side at this point.  You will fly all the back up to the waterfall where you started then turn north.  You will then fly along the mountainside past The Twilight Breach, The Gullet, and up to Glopgut's Hollow.  Now at this point you are able to cut across and start right back over again.

Some Observations:
1. Pyrite seemed to spawn more along the Grim Batol canyon.  I found it to be a higher spawn rate there.  It might just be my luck, but if you are looking for Pyrite I would run the Grim Batol canyon.
2. Only area to fly in the middle of the canyon would be in Dragonmaw Pass.  It is the only canyon I feel is narrow enough to get ALL nodes on both sides.  In Grim and on the river it helps to split it north and south so you can make sure to grab all nodes.
3. There are no areas where you will draw agro following this route.  If you steer off to the side to chase a node its possible to draw some agro, but if you follow the route you should be uncontested.

Numbers: Everybody loves numbers
In a run I recently charted I collected:
112 Elementium Ore
14 Pyrite Ore
6 Volatile Water
5 Volatile Earth
9 Volatile Fire
2 Uncommon Gems

I did this in a grand total of 11 minutes.  So to sum it up, I'm begging you to please go level mining.  It is foolish to waste an opportunity like this.  Free nodes are out there, and I am going to go take them if you don't.

Realm First Illustrious Miner

I got my Feat of Strength this morning with very little competition.  It took around 45 min. to level up to 525.  I followed the guide Kaliope put up on her site, and it worked extremely well.  I was the only person in Twilight the whole night.  I decided to go ahead and continue mining for the majority of the night because of the lack of people.  I did not complete any quests only discovery and mining gave me experience.  Every node was giving  2.2k experience and I was able to get over 50% to level 81 last night without a single quest.  It makes gathering feel like it has a meaning now.

How did your night go? Did you get your Feat of Strength in whatever it may have been?  Check back later today, I'm planing on putting a map of Twilight Highlands with the route I took to get the realm first.

Monday, December 6, 2010

One more day

Cataclysm is practically here and all the hard work and effort you have put into getting ready is about to pay off. Personally, I have a nice pile of Saronite I bought at vendor price back before my computer died that I plan on slowly putting back into the market in as many forms as I can.  I also have saved a few more items just to see how things play out.  I am not, however, as prepared as I could be.  The two month absence could not have come at a worse time.  To make up for this I have been preparing my toon for a Mining frenzy on opening night.

I plan on leveling mining as fast as possible and then reaping the awards.  I found a guide for power leveling my mining on  Kaliope has an outstanding site and blog that contains everything you will ever need to know about professions.  I highly suggest you go check it out.

So what are you planning on doing opening night?  Leave a comment and let me know whether you are like me and will gather until your eyes bleed, or if you prefer to do something else.

Good to be back

Hey everybody,

I'm back after way to long of a break and ready for Cataclysm!  About two months ago my computer decided that its time had come, and it died.  I was pretty upset about it, but I understood it was getting rather old.  I ordered a new laptop from dell and I was able to get it in around 5 weeks.  So now I am back and ready for some action.  I plan on starting to post again and I'm looking forward to being able to dive into all the Cataclysm content.  Start checking the blog for some new posts that will come rolling in.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Mate Hat

I found this on my auction house two days ago for 1000g.  I figured that was a reasonable price so I went ahead and purchased it.  I am trying to flip it for 5k at the moment.  So far I haven't had any luck, but I'm pretty confident I'll be able to sell at that price to the right person.  

I have already had the standard whispers about the price and how stupid I am for putting it that high.  I simply reply with how it is an extremely rare hat and that it IS worth the price.  I'm done with them at that point.  If they are not interested in buying the item then I am not interested in arguing about prices.  

How do you handle people who feel your prices are too high?  Do you respond to mail/whispers, or just let them continue on in their ignorance?