Monday, December 13, 2010

Vendor Items That Sell Well in Cataclysm

Short post today.  Just wanted to mention a couple of vendor items I have been buying and then flipping on the Auction House since Cataclysm's release.

1 Jeweler's Setting-  This can be bought from any Jewelcrafting Supplies NPC for 1g 50s each.  They are needed in making two of the main pieces while leveling to 525.  I have been able to sell these for 15g per through the Auction House.

2. Vanishing Powder-  This can be bought from any Inscription Supplies NPC for 34s for five of them.  They are used in changing out your glyphs before level 81.  I am able to sell these for 1g and 50s per powder.

3. Dust of Disappearance- This also is bought from any Inscription Supplies NPC for 10g 50s each.  They are the level 81 and up version of the Vanishing Powder.  I list these for 14g per.

These are just a few vendor items you can try out.  What other vendor items have you been selling?


  1. Cockroaches - go figure :)

  2. I guess they're too well established as being bought from vendors, but have you ever had any luck with, say, Eternium Threads?

  3. Haven't tried to flip any yet, but maybe the elemetal flux off the blacksmithing suppliers will sell to blacksmiths leveling up.

    Still amazes me the people that don't bother to look on their profession's supply vendor before buying things off the auction house.


    Check out those vendor items, good flips at the moment in twilight highlands.

  5. With the online auction house so popular, people don;t need to travel to their profession supply vendor, if the supplies they need can be bought on the AH. So if you can save someone a trip to Stormwind or Dalaran by making basic materials available they will pay a little extra