Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Realm First Illustrious Miner

I got my Feat of Strength this morning with very little competition.  It took around 45 min. to level up to 525.  I followed the guide Kaliope put up on her site, and it worked extremely well.  I was the only person in Twilight the whole night.  I decided to go ahead and continue mining for the majority of the night because of the lack of people.  I did not complete any quests only discovery and mining gave me experience.  Every node was giving  2.2k experience and I was able to get over 50% to level 81 last night without a single quest.  It makes gathering feel like it has a meaning now.

How did your night go? Did you get your Feat of Strength in whatever it may have been?  Check back later today, I'm planing on putting a map of Twilight Highlands with the route I took to get the realm first.

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