Friday, September 3, 2010

Vendor Pet Results

Hey guys,

    Today I wanted give a report on how my vendor pet experiment went.  My experiment included me buying up several different vendor pets and posting them twice a day for a total of one week on the auction house to see my profits.  In the end I made a total of over 600g profit off of vendor pets!  I was very pleased with my returns.  During this time I was continuing my daily auction house routine so I added approximately 85g a day.  I also would like it to be noted that I did NOT use the neutral auction house for this experiment.  Even though it would have added to my income substantially I wanted to see the results of buying and selling items that everyone had access too.  This isn't very much, but if you would continue to post you will see a nice build up of gold over time.  With some extra time and patience one could take this strategy and turn it into extra income on a weekly basis.

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