Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Using the "Resale" function of Auctioneer to make gold

     The "Resale" function of the addon Auctioneer is a great tool if you know how to use it properly.  By using "Resale," one can make thousands of gold without a single profession.  Even though this is not the best way to make gold on the AH, it is a way that could help you bring in more income.  I'm going to take you through a few steps on how to get it working properly, and what to expect out of it once it does.  Let it be noted that this will only work after you have had several scans of your AH.  If you do not have very many scans of your AH the data "Resale" provides will in most cases not be true.

1. First off, you have to config what you want the "Resale" to find for you.  You can set the price anywhere in your range that you feel is worth flipping.  Some people do 5g, some do 500g, it is all up to you. You will place this amount under the "Minimum Profit" heading.  You will want your MinDiscount to be set at 50%.

2. After you have set up the price you want, run a get all scan of the auction house.  After this is done click on your "Resale" icon and click search.

3.  Once our search is complete you can set it up to list by buyout, bid, PCT, profit, whatever you would like it to show.  Remember, these numbers could be not accurate if you have not done at least a couple weeks worth of scans.

4.  At this point you are ready to buy/bid.  "Resale" will give a suggestion on the side of the item if it is worth buying or bidding. Check out all the items and see which ones you could possibly resale for a profit.

Items to look for:  "Resale" will be showing all items in the database they can be flipped according to your settings.  However, there are some items you will want to avoid.  Even though auctioneer might say you can flip this for profit, do you really think you can sell Heavy Linen Bandage for 2,000g?  Items to look for are your: enchant mats, ore, herbs, skins, scrolls, some epics, battered hilts, and pets.  There are more items that are worth purchasing, but I wanted to just name a few to let you understand the type of items to search for.

Items to NOT purchase:  The items you want to avoid while using "Resale" are the items that are very common everyday drops and items that are crafted from people leveling their professions.  Items you want to make sure to avoid are green and blue item level armor/weapons.  There are so few of that particular item on the AH no matter how many times you have scanned the AH the numbers will be off.  Avoid most lower level armor and weapons unless you feel you really are getting a good deal.

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