Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Starter Cash--- Part 2

      We are going to continue talking about ways to get starter cash with the rest of the crafting professions.  We left off with Engineering and we'll begin with Inscription.

Inscription-  Many people have tried to get into the glyph business and have failed miserably.  The reason this happens is because there is always somebody on your server who will camp the ah and undercut you constantly all day.  I choose to let these people continue having no life and take the money where they allow it.  Sometimes people forget, or are not aware, that glyphs are not the only profitable item that a scribe can make.  The low risk high reward item for a scribe are Weapon and Armor Vellums.  These items are used by chanters to make scrolls.  They are great sellers and you avoid the hassle of trying to keep up with hundreds of glyphs.

Jewelcrafting-  Jewelcrafting could arguably have been the best gold making profession in WoW during WOTLK.  The constant demand for gems keeps jewelcrafting at the top of the totem pole for making gold.  I could just say how all you need to do is post your epic gems and there you go, however, I want to talk about the rare and uncommon gems as well.  Obviously, posting your epic cut gems will net you nice profit.  What you need to remember is there are people who are leveling toons who do not want to pay 125g for an epic gem that they will replace two levels later.  This is where the rare and uncommon gem market come into play. They provide nice profit and will help in addition to your normal epic gem sales.

Leatherworking-  Leatherworking provides some good opportunities to make gold.  A great way to make some gold in Leatherworking will be the epic leg enchants.  They will not net huge profit, but it provides a steady income of gold.  The leg enchants are big sellers, and will be in demand most days.

Tailoring-  There will always be a demand  for the bags and spellthread that Tailors can make.  The best item to make as a tailor to get some starter cash is the Netherweave Bag.  These bags will ALWAYS sell.  Alts buy them all the time, and even mains will buy them for bank slots.  They are cheap to make and will always be in demand.

That rounds out the rest of our crafting professions.  Now that you have some starter cash the real fun can begin.

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